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False Floor Modules

We digitised the spaces of all variants of Transporter, then nested the elaborate network of shapes that make up the false floors. The outcome is a modular, multifunctional unit that looks like it should have been there all along. S+S utilises OEM fastenings and apertures in the chassis preventing permanent alterations to your van, and allowing swift and easy removal should the need arise. Following the form of the OEM contours of the vehicle maximises the useful space, using it in the right way to assure a light weight, bright and airy feel. Infinite stowage systems equal less rattles, more storage and more fun behind the wheel.

All of our False Floor Modules are multifunctional, versatile and specable to suit your needs, whether that be hauling bikes, heavy work gear or everything you need for a weekend escape.

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Van Lining Kits

Our Lining Kits replace the dark OEM cardboard panels with our bright and durable alternatives. They are made from recyclable plastic with a bubble core that means that they are easy to keep clean and lightweight but, crucially, what we like to call ‘handlebar proof’. With enough room behind for our 100% recycled slimline insulation, they fit to your van in the standard panel holes with the included S+S push clips. No need to go crazy with the self-tappers.

Not comfortable with wasting any space in the van, the panels incorporate our signature plus logo to create a handy storage solution for the things you need the most. Toothbrush, phone charger, pants... All within easy reach. The full kit includes our Store Door, using up more of the unused space in the sliding door cavity.

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Carbon Fibre Bunk

The biggest bed in the industry. Lightest too. The Drop-Down Carbon Bunk is the ultimate, less-is-more campervan solution. The Traditional Pop top adds too much weight, too much compromise. Our solution does away with the invasive surgery, and the excess culminating in a product that's 20x lighter, discrete and a whole lot less.

More boat than van, the Drop-Down Bunk combines the best pulleys and rigging in the industry with lightweight carbon fibre and stainless steel components to create a unique solution to sleeping in your van. The Drop-Down Bunk is a standard double bed, making it one of the best nights of sleep you’ll ever have in a van. It is practically hidden when you don’t need it, taking a matter of seconds to pull up into the roof.

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We have covered all variants and models with our 2022 range. T5, T5.1, T6, T6.1 Kombi’s, Panel vans, Twin sliders, Tailgate and Barn-door options. They will also work with any combination of standard Kombi seats, or with them all removed. 


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The S+S Conversion False Floor Units are click + collect or install only. For now...

Our False Floor Modules are designed to work seamlessly with all variants of Volkswagen Transporter. For the moment these are the only models that we cover.

In a word, no. As the False Floors have evolved it has naturally become extremely versatile, we like to think that they are everything you truly need in your van.

They are designed to be removed in less than 30 minutes with minimal tools. If you can build Swedish flat pack furniture, you can remove an S+S Conversion

Our 2022 False Floor Modules are designed with both lightness and sustainability in mind. They are made from 100% pulverised recycled material that has been smashed into sheets then cut by us here.

They are recyclable, waterproof and extremely durable. Built for whatever your adventures throw at them.

Each component of the S+S Conversion is built to last. On the very rare occasion that something goes wrong please reach out to us and we will rectify the issue as soon as possible.