Behind the walls

The Atelier

You'll find the Atelier crew who do the Ecommerce whispering. The Warehouse lords who proudly pack and ship your orders. The Craftsmen who tame the robots and move the tools  which create the bespoke conversions, along with the assembly line where STITCHES + STEEL products meet the vehicles rolling through daily.


custom haus

These products are the bespoke, industry leading conversions we build. These products require elaborate rigging, professional wiring, and tailored fitting. These items are installed by the CH technicians. These products require you visiting us.

Shop the store as usual, use the digital calendar to calibrate your diary with ours and book yourself in. It's simple. Custom Haus builds are split into full / half days or weeks depending on the complexity of the build.


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Build Days

The Coffee here is supplied by Dayebreak. It's good, it's potent and it's always on the house. The same is true of our WIFI signal. You're welcome to immerse yourself in some work at the infamous coffee shop, or take a ride on the shop's Super 73 Electric bikes. They're charged and ready to ride.


Custom Haus Specials

Leaning into the North Sea on the East Coast of England, we're a stone's throw from the main gateway into Europe. Our coordinates are also close to some of the biggest, commercial vehicle auction houses in Europe. We have a keen eye on what's passing through. What began as helping friends find dream vehicles has evolved into something more. When we see our kind of vans rolling through, we buy. These particular vehicles are models with certain specifications that we know and adore, they deliberately lend themselves to how we like to adventure. These Vehicles are known as Custom Haus Specials. They have become iconic. These vehicles aren't new but they are Sure-checked, this is a 41-point inspection service that gives us peace of mind. It’s a multi-point mechanical check which lets us know as much as possible about the vehicle before we buy.

There will be blemishes and dings which we don't attempt to hide. These are honest, looked after vehicles which wear their history with pride.

'Purposeful, not precious' being the S+S CUSTOM HAUS ethos.

the build

S+S Approved used.

Custom Haus Specials are individually numbered and are finished complete with S+S interiors, lining and insulation, our own wheel and tyres packages, along with all the other work we deem essential to improvement.

A ready to roll, go-to solution. If we have Custom Haus Specials in stock you'll find them by viewing the digital forecourt (The Explore CH vans button) subscribe to the Ebay shop to be kept in the loop with new vans which get added weekly.


Want to hand over the batten with us helping to take it to the next level? Shop CH conversions via the tab, or Fire a mail to the friendly team at