You down for the Journey? Jump in for the ride. The 'S+S Mile' is your ticket to exclusive offers and Benefits

S+S Coalition

Coalition - Noun - ‘An alliance for combined action’

We like people and we want to work with the ones that march to our beat. The people who travel and the ones who embody traveling light, with less.

Here at S+S we’ve created classic go-to pieces that don’t become obsolete with the seasons, with a fine regard to detail and keen eye on functionality our timeless designs aren’t dictated by trend.

The S+S Coalition is a concept that’s been five years in the making and is all about fostering relationships that matter. This isn’t your typical ‘trade-price’ deal, It’s the opposite of a scheme rooted in a quick buck and there will be no pushy sales-guys.

This is us providing the best people with the fine product, which in-turn, will end up with the customers that deserve them.


S+S Coalition is you checking out on the site as usual. The only difference being, you’re shopping for inventory, equipped with a code. Once used at the checkout will give you a chunk of money off...think of it as a trade discount if you will. 


Not much....We ask you to back us. For us to hit you up with a % off, we’ll need you to put your money where your mouth is just a little, in the form of very Small MOQ on the same items.

  • 5 or more x Hardware Items (Awning Rails, Aluminium Poles, anything Aluminium)
  • 10 or more x Soft Goods items (Awnings, Seat covers, etc)
  • 25 or more x Clothing Items (Shoes, Hats, Tees).

Please submit the online form and leave it with us while we review accounts for application. For full Terms & Conditions please reach out.