Stitches + Steel Trade

A TRADE ACCOUNT.  But not as you know it... This is S+S showing up to support the big, the little and the in-between-size industry, without the associated Excel sheets, aggro and exclusivity. 

COALITION [koh-uh-lish-uhn] NOUN;  A combination or alliance. A union into one body or mass; fusion. 'Alliance for combined action’. 
We like people and we want to work with the ones that march to our beat. Since day one we've created classic go-to pieces that don’t become obsolete with the seasons, with a fine regard to detail and a keen eye on functionality, our timeless designs aren’t dictated by trend. With one eye on the environment and the other on innovative products, this is about getting S+S gear into the hands of the ones who need it. This is about fostering relationships that matter.
For more information or to apply, please fill out the form below. We want to know a little bit about you; your story. Be mindful to leave the application with us to review. We'll be back at you in due course. #TRAVELLIGHTGOFURTHER 

S+S Coalition is many things, the main one is simplicity. It's you heading back home, to us. You're shopping for your inventory in our shop, for your shop. You're equipped with your own code, to be used at the checkout. Put simply it will give you a chunk of money off. That gap between your price and the price listed is a thank you from us, it's a thank you for being part of the S+S family, it should help you push something you believe in.

S+S is only found under the roofs which house an unwavering, undying, & unapologetic commitment to life on the road and for adventure. The ones that see through the BS. The ones that take the road less travelled. The Coalition is for the considered folks who care.

Not much... Firstly you have to be in it. Not just for a quick buck. We're here to support the ones who are all-in. With both feet.

You'll need you to put your money where your mouth is, just a little.
There are MOQ's (minimum order quantities). They are little, and they vary depending on the product. Us packing and shipping in multiples really does go the distance in relation to helping you achieve savings at your end. It's a big part of what makes The S+S Coalition viable.