Surfer Against Sewage

We've been donating to SAS since year one which felt very natural from the get-go, 5 years in, it transitioned into S+S becoming the East coast reps which again, felt pretty natural.  


Alongside beach cleaning and offering educational talks, we spread awareness of the ocean heath via activism to local schools and organisations which get included alongside the daily duties at STITCHES + STEEL. 


'S + S was founded on the grounds of less is more. You'll find our studio an hour East of London just inland from Mersea Island, the most Easterly inhabited island in the UK. Here we design develop and install products into and onto these modern workhorses that many of us use in this fairly modern dual-needs format... A physical mode of transport for the commute, for work Monday to Friday, then at the weekend as a means of escape to hit the road for an adventure. We've found ourselves converting these 'contemporary moving spaces' or 'Vans' to you and I, in a more dual-needs sense borrowing a lot from the sailing and marine industry alongside providing traditional canvas products with, dare we say perhaps a more considered approach, again borrowing a lot from the premier sail lofts in terms of production. That sort of knowledge on how to put canvas together, rather than traditional tent manufacture is arguably where our DNA lies as that was where it began for us nearly five years ago. S+S keeps us fairly busy however we're fortunate that our roles with SAS and S+S go hand in hand, very lucky as both are very fulfilling.


If you're ever out this way be sure to stop in for a coffee. The kettle is always primed and ready for action. 


- SAS magazine PIPELINE