Travel Light

Go Further



stitches + Steel stands for traveling light + going further

It is both a real, and a romantic relationship with the road. We've created classic go-to pieces that won't become obsolete with the seasons. With a keen eye on functionality and a fine regard to detail our timeless designs aren't dictated by trend. This is gear that will be with you the longest; the longer it's yours, the more attached you'll become. 

CUSTOM HAUS interiors

A case study in Multidisciplinary Enthusiasm.

WE DONT BUILD CAMPERVANS. These Contemporary-Moving-Spaces don’t need much to meet the demands of the Work - Life - Adventure balance. The attention and detail applied by Stitches + Steel to those multidisciplinary needs are whats left when there was nothing left to take away. This is a realisation of what these modern workhorses can be capable of. This is purpose prevailing. This is Traveling light and Going further, then celebrating what that uncluttered mindset can achieve.

CHS (Custom Haus Specials)

Individually numbered, specced and built from the ground up to sit within the parameters of us heeding what we stand for. Traveling light and Going Further. These Less-Is-More Vehicles are the pinnacle of dual needs. The perfect, uncompramised balance of daily drive, yet adventure ready at a moments notice. 

We don't build Campervans

When a penchant for Marine Grade Hardware collides with the Asphalt. Purposed for a life at sea, engineered for the rigours of the road. Our interpretation for the interiors of these contemporary-moving-spaces are the very essence of travelling light and going further.