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Thousands sold for a reason

The Tarp is a vast, adaptable canvass that embodies creativity. Join the thousands of users who enjoy rigging it as a traditional awning or letting creativity reign free. Create tent's, bivvys, windbreaks, pit-lane style setups or vast swathes of shelter for the whole crew. It's a best seller for a reason.

For Adventures on + off the road

It’s back

18' of Oversized + Understated Style for your Transporter

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Interior softgoods

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Set your rolling home free. 

One philosophy, three specs.   

Our Nomad Conversions has been developed from continued input from a hardy crew of ambassadors who use their vans with purpose. All you need + nothing you don't to serve the daily duties.

formed to flow with a function that allows the most from the VW T5 chassis. 3D scanned, CAD designed and tolerance fitted to the space, these Nomad Conversions allow the very best utilisation of space of the 5th + 6th Gen Transporter. 


All you need, nothing you don't. Light-weight + Pure function = Hell of a recipe. 


All you need with all the essential added luxuries.

Carpet lining, Sound deadening, insulation, Power + exterior must-haves inc S+S livery.  


A head-to-toe, S+S machine for daily duties, to off grid adventures


Camp Chair Two is here

Inspired by the retro silloutes of 60's Euro beach culture, then modified with modern tech. These 1450 gram, Aircraft-Grade Aluminium framed beauties are a timeless addition to have stashed in your vehicle. Embrace the smugness of turning those sunset beers up to eleven.

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