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£100 CoLd water Kit

Camp Chair Two is here

Inspired by the retro silloutes of 60's Euro beach culture, then modified with modern tech. These 1450 gram, Aircraft-Grade Aluminium framed beauties are a timeless addition to have stashed in your vehicle. Embrace the smugness of turning those sunset beers up to eleven.

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For Adventures on + off the road

18' of Oversized + Understated Style for your Transporter

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Carbon fibre + Dyneema + Sailing DNA = innovation.

Travel light, Go Further.

A case study in Multidisciplinary Enthusiasm.

WE DONT BUILD CAMPERVANS. These Contemporary-Moving-Spaces don’t need much to meet the demands of the Work - Life - Adventure balance. The attention and detail applied by Stitches + Steel to those multidisciplinary needs are whats left when there was nothing left to take away. This is travelling light, going further and celebrating what that mindset can be capable of.