Aero Roof Bar Pads (Pair)
Aero Roof Bar Pads (Pair)
Aero Roof Bar Pads (Pair)
Aero Roof Bar Pads (Pair)

Aero Roof Bar Pads (Pair)


Essential for hauling oversized accessories that don't quite fit inside the van. 
More aerodynamic than traditional pads and with our High Density foam, these Aero pads are a whole lot more thought out than traditional pads. Transport your surfboards, Sups, Kayaks and anything else that you can't squeeze into the van, onto the van.

These 18-inch wide rack pads with upper padding and a sleek, oversized hook-and-loop closure holding them snuggly in place. Enhanced economy and significantly reduced windage and noise. 

Roof Bar Pads x2
18 Inch Wide, hook and loop close aero pads. Stitches + Steel print, sold in pairs.


  • Dimensions: 27" (L)
  • Grunty Hook and loop closure 
  • 600d Polybacked UV material 
  • Aero shape for enhanced economy and noise reduction
  • One size fits all
  • Perfect fit on S+S bars
  • Good fit on all bigger profile bars