ID Buzz False Floor

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The Stitches + Steel ID. Buzz False Floor is a sub 100kg, non invasive, flat-pack system that unlocks the full potential of the all new Volkswagen ID. Buzz. The development of these kits has been an exciting milestone for S+S

Sitting neatly within the S+S false floor range, the ID. Buzz False Floor is a non-invasive build. Slotting together within the van, then being pulled down directly into the floor, unlocking the potential of your vehicle 

Beers, bikes, big things! The 100kg+ load-rated drawers are a cavern, your 'Boot'. Hauling the essentials with a neat, user friendly system allowing easy access to all you need. 

The ID. Buzz False Floor has been designed to sit at the same height as the rear seats when folded. This unlocks a 7ft platform which transforms your Buzz into a camper, or allows you to carry big stuff!

HEXA Ply creates a robust, good looking conversion at an affordable price.

S+S utilises OEM fastenings and apertures. It's this maximising of useful space and using it in the right way that assures a light weight, bright and airy feel. Infinite stowage systems equal less rattles, more storage and more fun behind the wheel.

  • False Floor Module
  • 2x Large Rear Drawer Boxes
  • 100kg+ Capacity Self Locking Drawer Runners
  • Stainless Steel Fixings
  • Total Floor Weight: <125kg
  • Floor Height: Approximately 250mm
  • Floor length: Approximately 1075mm (Top Sheet)
  • Floor width: 1200mm (Top Sheet)
  • 100% Recycled and Recyclable Material Options
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Your new Stitches + Steel False Floor module is cut and made to order.

Our current lead time for Kombi Short/Long Installation is 2 weeks. For all other false floors it is 2 weeks. Please check our booking calendar for the next available slot.

Don't wait, our lead times are subject to change. During busy periods, in the run up to Christmas, whilst we have offers running, or after a product launch, our build slots can fill up fast.

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The Custom Haus: See it as our own Garage, It's our own outlet for our creativity. It's where the design, prototype and manufacture of all S+S products starts, it's also where they finish.

The Custom Haus is a space for the supply and fitment of STITCHES + STEEL products onto, into or around a Contemporary Moving Space.

Located on the East Coast, in Essex- Unit 2, The Old Joinery, Maldon Road, Birch, Essex, CO2 0LT

STITCHES + STEEL Conversions, once fitted, cannot be guaranteed by STITCHES + STEEL. While these products are engineered to withstand typical road conditions, any misuse or unconventional application, or incidents may result in failure for which STITCHES + STEEL cannot be held liable.

Steel, known for its strength and repairability, remains subject to corrosion. Despite our efforts to utilize high-quality steel and protective coatings, we cannot ensure the longevity of the finish. Consequently, these products fall under the same classification as non-refundable and non-returnable once installed.

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Custom Haus Conversions and Part builds



Currently we are unable to provide a shipping service for any of our false floor units. While we work on this we offer free installation (and coffee) here at our studio.

If you can't make it to us we're happy to talk you through collection options that we have had success with in the past. Get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Depending on how many goodies you're having fitted by us, installation ranges from a couple of hours through to a whole day.

We never require your vehicle for more than a day.

Our False Floor units can be removed/transferred with a handful of tools in very little time at all. All of our conversions use factory VW tie down points so there are no scary hidden holes for you to make in your new van.


Rear Drawer: 270 x 1180 x 180mm (w x l x h)

Side Drawer: 420 x 550 x 180mm


Rear Drawer: 435 x 1110 x 195mm

Side Drawer: 435 x 555 x 195mm


870 x 980 x 435mm


505 x 980 x 435mm