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We're off! This year has been mad. S+S has been in the works behind the scenes for years but  early 2016 marked the launch. The website went live and the products were finally available.

Gauging interest was hard and as big boxes started arriving we questioned how the brand would be received. It's now Early October and we are sat here looking at empty shelves.  

Some would say a double edged sword... Naturally we want to have more products to sell but it also gives us time to press reset and focus on revising the products for 2017, developing and testing the new ones.  

Heading South early October is something we try and do year on year. It marks the end of summer and start of Autumn which saddens some but excites us. There is a distinct shift in weather as the Northern hemisphere kicks into life, delivering storms which roll towards the Western facing shores of Europe, getting surfers exited. Finally the summer drought it over. 

We are not the only people onto this weather shift. October hosts two huge events, the Quiksilver pro France held during the first two weeks followed days later but the Ripcurl pro in Portugal. The two events, back to back, take up the majority of October with the timing attracting a wave of hungry travellers from all over the world. The warm water, world class waves, diverse coastline, culture fuelled food and cheap boozing mixed with a bit of party, make it a very attractive prospect.  

If you are on the road doing parts of or all of this journey give us a shout for a few waves, or a few wines and have a sneak peek at the new products on board.

The web shop will continue to stay live however there are very few items left for sale unfortunately. We have hurried along a shipment which should be with us mid November, hopefully tying us over till the 2017 items start arriving. 

Please subscribe to our newsletter for up to date lead times on new stock, or just give us a follow on Instagram to follow us on our Euro jaunt. 

Thanks to our customers for the continued support this year, its been massive!

Hopefully see you on the road.

Oli + Tor. 

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