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2016 being an awful year is the talk of the town, in the sense that we lost some beautiful souls and, as sad as it is they are no longer with us we feel fortunate we had them here long enough to enrich and inspire us.


Whilst it's always important to keep progressing and looking forward, it seems only fitting to reflect on one hell of a year. We quite honestly didn't see it coming and it's kept us well and truly on our toes.


It's been a steep learning curve here at S+S which many of our customers are all too familiar with. As lucky as we are to have such patient and understanding customers we are looking forward to shaking the 'startup business' persona as we move into 2017.

 As we move into the new year, 2017 products will start to filter onto the website and arrive in stock. Here's what we're most excited about...



We've tweaked and polished the best sellers and have had fun developing new accessories designed for life on the road. We have built a waterproof changing mat which doubles as a bag, a brilliant little hammock and perhaps the most high end windbreak ever made, utilising materials purposed for high end yacht racing. 


We're also launching a small soft goods line to compliment the accessories, beanies, hats, T-shirts as well as a jacket. The majority of the 2017 range will be available from late January, however items are already starting to trickle in. 

Our own 18' Steel wheel has also been a long time coming and we are over the moon with the look, the performance and how well it has been received with sets going as far afield as Australia, as well as numerous sets to customers in various European countries as well as the UK.  


However, it's our own take on the Van Conversion which we're most excited about. 

  Designed by us from the ground up. Our own CAD patterns, our own fit and our own innovation on a contemporary moving space. We've worked with Interior Designers, Structural Engineers, CAD technicians and a whole host of others we've met on and off the road. We've combined high end materials and design with function and fit while keeping one eye on the environment.

We are dedicating the next year to a tester program where we will be offering the conversions at a heavily discounted price to a range of adventurers, explorers and weekend warriors.

We're working with a handpicked bunch of van-lifers who will be testing, using and providing us with what we need to ultimately make a better, more versatile Van conversion.


This is a new look at what can be done with a small moving space, if you're interested and want more information on the test program please inquire within.


The conversion uses the Volkswagen T5 and T6 as its platform, both LWB and SWB variants are suitable.


To round up the email we'd like to say thank you. To everyone who's not only bought our products, but followed our journey online. We can't thank you enough for the help and advice we've had from you all, the ideas and inspiration you've given us, and the motivation to keep on going.

Pour a little out tonight for all the legends we've lost this year, have a good time and we wish you all the best in the New Year.

Oli + Tor

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