The East Coast.

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We check the forecast daily, not because we want sun and don't want rain, but because we want storms which make waves. The forecasts we are watching with intent are the ones that spit out wave bouy heights, wind directions and atmospheric pressures. 

When an unusual and unseasonal blob appeared way up in the Arctic we started hatching a plan. Surfing on the East coast has always been a fickle affair, things change quickly and the tides in the north sea are ferocious. Having the ability to adapt is one of many skill sets one must posses to be a surfer here. It's easy to get excited about a forecast but having been let down too many times to count we only start getting excited if its still looking promising two days before its due to hit our shores. 

This particular storm was coming from further away than most that hit the East coast. This one was way up in the Arctic over a thousand miles away. It had quite the job to funnel perfectly down the north sea dodging the shallow and notorious sand banks and unloading its energy on the shores which we call home. A storm coming from so far away  occasionally can mess with the data the swell bouys spit out and freaks out its algorithms which in-turn messes with the figures we are after. This storm was doing exactly that. I think it measured 1ft the day before which we knew had to be BS. 

We took a punt and started putting the wheels into motion, getting some good friends over who had been hustling for years about making it happen on our fickle shores. The moons aligned with a good swell, a weekend and favourable winds. The lads in question call "work" cold water surfing. They are involved with a company that is turing heads on a international level for its beautiful product, responsible ethics  and sustainable values.


The company in question is Finisterre. We have had run-ins with the brand in the past- we are usually clad head to toe in their products and those familiar with Finisterre will hopefully see some of that DNA shining through here at S+S.

It was a pleasure to hear what they are up to and is always fun to trade waves with the long haired bunch. The waves did well and truly turn on and we finished the day off with a fire, beers, two legs of lamb and chat about all things surf, product, future projects, all until the early hours- the best way to end a day getting flogged in the water.

It's now warming up and it's the Southern hemispheres turn to do its thing. That storm may well be the last one 'till winter rears its fruitful and cold head again and it's time we did some warming up too. The dramatic contrast between seasons here is what keeps it fresh and exciting. Hopefully the West coast delivers some summer fun. It's time to take off the hood, boots and gloves, get into the summer suits and hopefully the Finisterre boys burn us some lamb, buy us some beers and show us around their neck of the woods soon. 



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