The Monthly Mile #1

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This moment, for the last few years has served as an un-prompted slice of reflection for us. To the hour, the date, a year on, we're sat on yet another rusty vessel shipping ourselves back across the channel from mainland Europe. This yearly occurrence, whist not technically being the end of the year, marks the end of the year for us. We return from a lengthy jaunt in our own van. Our own adventure. 

We've used this moment in the past to write about why we go, where we go and why you should go too (read more about this pilgrimage in the next issue of VWBUS magazine) however, this body of words isn't about the trip itself, more jumping the gun with what we want to be doing as we move forward into 2019.

The last three days before setting sail were spent sat at the helm of our own van deliberately moving North at a slower pace than we're usually used to. The 'auto route' or toll was traded out in favour of its more pot-hole-ridden, prettier cousin, more specifically known as the A + B roads which meander and twist their way through rural France. Upon tapping the relevant coordinates into the Nav quickly, (followed quickly by turning it off- we like maps) we're told our road trip home will take a mere seven hours. Three full days and nights to indulge in our 'slowing down,' -nothing too strenuous then. With our notebooks open and the windows down the last few days were an exercise in plotting, slowing down and taking it all in. Digesting this year and thinking about the next.

Caen-Portsmouth as a ferry route isn't the usual go-to. Madness for us anyway if it wasn't for the interception we'd got planned. The last part of our trip was to collect some of the rather large boxes that were waiting at the docks. 2019 canvas products to be exact. And on picking them up, just like that it seemed the year had started again. 

Sat on the 4th deck of the 'Normadie' amidst the River Solent, as we approached said pallets of stock, I sent myself an email, the subject read 'Monthly Mile #1.' This is the introduction. Marking the first in a series where we take time out to converse with the 'movers and shakers' within our industry. We ask what makes them tick, from their must and mustn't do trips along with their insightful tips, titbits and van tricks. It's a place where we'll talk industry gossip, along with the latest podcasts, what we're listing too or even the variety of books getting handed round the studio. There might be the occasional product review or even a rouge weather forecast, perhaps an event we might host... While we're sure the recipe might need some ingredients adding or removing along the way, we hope you stick around and can perhaps be involved it the THE MILE, as we continue on down this road.

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