The Roof Bar

A big moment for us here at S+S and a fair few years in the pipeline, a product that we are proud to release not only due its physical form but also the journey it's taken us on, in the sense of ethical and sustainable production. We took away rather than added, and worked closer to home in all senses, the result being a light, strong, low slung, yet functional product with a long life expectancy and a guilt free production process.

A nod to the traditional commercial van, where functionality over fashion prevails, our vision did way with the longitudinal rails and utilised a simple bracket and bar setup. Strong textured steel for the legs and extruded aluminium for the bars. Hardy and raw yet low-key and elegant. The bolts and hardware, like all the hardware we use come from the marine industry, where they'd more commonly be found fastening hardware to the deck of the boat for a harsh life at sea, all marine grade stainless and all designed to pass the test of time.


The project has been deliberately executed utilising skilled labour sourced close to home, with no piece of this puzzle coming further than 100 miles from our studio. As we continue our work on the oceans health and single use plastic, we are incredibly proud to produce this product with a zero petroleum based materials sheet. No plastic. A first for such a product in our industry. 

While not necessarily being the most cost effective production method this is something we have deliberately actioned as we become more aware of how we consume, produce and track our carbon footprint. It is our duty to you to stand true to our founding principles. Producing innovative products with a keen eye on our environment. We are proud to have be working within these parameters while producing our take on such a commonly used accessory. 

We have designed this product to naturally work in harmony with all our other products, sitting directly over our awning C channels and fitting with our roof bar pads and other roof related accessories. While we have designed this kit and numerous other products around the T5 / T6 platform we do consider this, along with our other products fairly universal. If you don't have a T5 chassis and the roof of your vehicle isn't very 'domed' and has a thread insert for a bolt there is a good chance this kit will fit.

We are excited to get the bars out there and see them on your vans. With that in mind we are letting them go at a fairly looney £100 a set as an introductory offer...

Head on over to the shop to find them, get the detailed specs and to grab yourself a set at the introductory price.






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