The Rolling Home X Stitches + Steel

The Rolling Home X Stitches + Steel

Posted by Oliver Grogan on

Being included in the first issue of The Rolling home Journal was a big moment for us. It not only showcased our product and brand to the who's who of the van-life community at the time, but also gave us an opportunity to be seen.

When the journal went to press we felt so lucky to be within the beautiful pages, surrounded by such a high calibre of talented and creative individuals was amazing and certainly played a part in getting us to where we are today. 

Fast forward two years and we didn't find it too hard formulating a plan to release one of our all time favourite products with these guys, the B1 awning with a few minor tweaks.

We wanted a heavy weight to the cloth, so we sourced a traditional scout tent fabric and blended it with a few more high end features to toughen it up. We spliced on Dyneema guy lines and breathed a Rolling Home colour pallet into it, we also emblazoned their 'Onwards' logo to the front, bringing the collaborative voyage together. Alongside the awning we've also made a Beanie for those wanting a slice of the action but perhaps have one of our awnings already.

This little shindig goes a bit further for us than the products though. I'll let Calum, the guy behind The Rolling Home take it from here. 

'We share an ethos with Stitches + Steel. Like us, they built a company based on what it means to adventure in vans; catching ferries, searching for waves and opening (well deserved) beers with friends at the end of the road. They design products with purpose. Things that make life a little easier and van dwelling more enjoyable. Equipment that is simple, rigorously tested and looks bloody great.

For years we have used a sketchy make shift awning; a blue tarpaulin tied to the wing mirrors of our van and some old tent poles. For the most part it worked, it kept the rain off. Sure, it rubbed against the paint work in high winds and threatened to fly off permanently on many occasions. But it sufficed. 

Now I am happy to say the bodged awning has retired and in its place is a rail and canvas awning from Stitches + Steel x The Rolling Home. In our own colourway with the Onwards logo emblazoned on the front. Held up by lightweight carbon fibre poles and a sweet canvas bag to store it all in. 

A collaboration with Stitches + Steel was always on the cards, creating rad things with rad people is what life is all about'.

Head on over to our collaborations page to shop the awning, the journals and the beanie. 

This is a limited run...Be mindful. Once they're gone, they're gone. 

See you on the road, O + T

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