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Starting up a new business is fraught with challenge, nothing new in that statement. There are hundreds of hurdles that need be jumped over, all in a certain way- no correct way, but certainly a ‘certain’ way. 

Deciding to start our own business was a massive move. Having the gumption and putting it all on the line is a dicey affair, realistically we might have one proper go at in our lifetime and the results of failure are huge! Going back to what you did before with your tail between your legs? Letting down the folk who might have invested in you?  A failure in certain peoples eyes... A scary prospect, which brings me to why the ECO brand mentality is such a hard one to peddle when setting up shop.

Recycled paper certainly isn't the cheapest. Hardy, eco friendly, affordable packaging is a challenge in itself to find, let alone affordable and that’s before we've thought about the effects of physically transporting stock from A to B or our manufacturing process altogether. These decisions are tough, saving the dolphins or skipping the rent? Combing through the balance sheet lays the problem. Looking after every penny and giving yourself the best possible chance of survival, having a heavier carbon footprint, bigger margins and probably the best chance of making it work or walking the eco path, increasing the RRPs decreasing the margin and crossing our fingers hoping that our clients are all cut from the same environmentally friendly cloth. We've found its not quite that black and white. We have certainly felt the pressure of having eco options and maybe not having the funds to pursue those methods straight away, even though our hearts want too.

As S+S steadily grows, our supply chain gets steadily greener too which puts us in a position where we can not just think greener but also put a bit aside to give to causes which we believe in. You won't have to look far within our brand and marketing to see that being in, on and close to the ocean is something we hold closely at our hearts here at Stitches + Steel, so this year we’re excited to say that we’ve became part of the ‘Surfers against Sewage 250 Club,’ a powerful collective working together to conserve our coastlines. The time and money we donate monthly to SAS goes into education, volunteering, conservation projects and campaigns to protect our precious oceans, waves and beaches. 

Being a start up business while being eco friendly is a tough tightrope to walk. We feel very fortunate to be able to give SAS a little bit of our time and money to use their stage, to preach their messages, which we whole-heartedly believe in and are delighted to be part of. Which brings us quite aptly to a SAS beach clean that we are running in collaboration with our good friends over at Island races. 

On the 3rd of September Island races are running their Round The Island, Stand Up Paddle Board endurance race. A twelve mile circumnavigation of the most Easterly inhabited island in the UK (also our home town). An amazing event in its own right but also the perfect time to host an SAS beach clean. The island, which can also be circumnavigated by foot, offers the perfect grandstand to spectate whilst also collecting any plastic waste found watching the event. Starboard will also be donating 25 'Ocean Picks' for all who want to enter the subdivision for the 'Save Our Seas' prizes, for most litter plucked from the Ocean on the way round. Prizes being donated by us, SAS and Island races.

For all who want to enter the event entry forms can be found by following this link. Please check it out too if you want or need anymore information regarding the day which promises to be an awesome day out. We will be there all day with bin bags, sign on sheets and all the relevant paraphernalia to help with the beach clean. Give us a shout if you need anymore information. There's sure to be a few beers after too. 

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