An Unsuspecting Unicorn

Posted by Oliver Grogan on

This is what three years of van hunting looks like. Not much, nor very exciting to the untrained eye however, I'm telling you, this thing is the definition of a unicorn! I've only ever seen one other and that was in Germany. 
It's a Volkswagen T5 single cab, rare in its own right, as the single cab vans were so expensive new off the forecourt (compared to the Ford Transits and other comparable flatbeds), which led to poor sales. 
That said there are still a few single cab vans out there which are generally readily available if you're looking in the right places. This though, is the rare Long Wheel Base Chassis yet rarer still the "Long Tray" model. 
We've been holding out for this particular model as the dimensions of the tray are essential for a project we've wanted to do for a very very long time. The build wont start for a little bit as we will be accumulating parts and finalising the design however that hasn't stopped it being used daily as the new delivery truck among other jobs.
Its done 270,000 miles, has no history, fires only on a few of its cylinders, barely starts and is generally rough as guts but we love it.
The boys have named it "The Bricklayer" 

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