Inglorious Motorcycles


A collaborative voyage into contemporary design. The phenomena of craft, customisation and planning less.


As we head further down our path the urge to travel with less has grown, focusing on the experience rather than the physical objects associated with a life on the road.


Thought out design, intricate detail and less being more often the answer. Thinking less and experiencing more, something that also resonated with the guys at Inglorious Motorcycles. Out of this shared mind-set our collaborative effort was born. 


The concept was hauling smaller bikes into a capable van. Arriving at the destination quickly, together, shooting the shit en route. Unloading bikes, a rucksack, board, a bivvy and some beers, navigating the back roads was on the agenda. Getting lost being the ethos, an analogue approach in a digital world.


We hatched a plan with Inglorious Motorcycles. They were to craft a small, nimble, brat tracker for navigating the narrow meandering back roads often associated with hunting waves off the beaten track (especially in Europe). The one-year only 1988 Brazilian built CG125 Honda was the perfect base for the build. Reliability, size and weight being the draw. 


The van we sourced was an Ex, Irish National Electricity board fleet vehicle. Volkswagen made a select factory batch of LWB Transporter panel vans specifically designed for a life dictated by the harshest elements. They had to be able to access the furthest peninsulas against driving sea spray, winds at the high end of the Beaufort scale. Well-worn path or not, a truly capable van. 

For us, the hardy workhorse provided the perfect base; crude and dependable by its sheer nature with a host of factory options that shared the same DNA and complimented our brief. The 2.5l turbo Diesel providing plenty of power to the very capable 4 motion drive chain, another must. 


Both bike and van adorn the same LH7J flat grey paint code along with many custom details ensuring both bike and overland-van appear to be cut from the same thread. A less is more project in a world where mass production and ‘more’ usually prevails.


Both the bike and van will be shown at a select few events over the UK and Europe in 2018. The collaborative effort includes a limited production shirt, jumper and roll-top bag. All orders within the capsule collection will be individually numbered and packaged with a tote, keyring, postcard and sticker pack.