Awning Rail FAQ's

Will this fit my STITCHES + STEEL Awning?

Yes, we've developed these with S+S products in mind first and foremost, we have also tinkered with the dimensions which means they also work with Vango, Driveaway kits, figure of eight adaptors and almost every other accessory we've came across making them incredibly universal.

Will they fit under my roof bars?

90% of the time yes. The best way to understand if it will is to mount your roof bars on your van and see if their is an area of about 40mm next to the foot of the roof bar (where it attaches to the van) and the edge of the gutter, where the C section will sit and wont interfere with anything. If there's space there you're good to go, if something is interfering (like the gutter of the van) then this might not be the rail for you. That said, we've had great results chopping sections of the C section out (see pictures for examples of this) where the foot sits with the awning then passing out of one section, around the foot and back into the next part of the section.  The rails are very easy to modify and work with. We also make a 'raised rail' which, if in doubt might be a better option for your roof bars. 

Do you make them in single long 2m, 3m, 4m lengths? 

No. We have attempted in the past to send longer sections however, damages en-route along with the hefty £25 postage make this unviable. To be totally honest, there's very little difference once applied if fitted well.

How long will it take to arrive?

Each order is hand picked, packed and sent at our HQ. We use Royal Mail and while those guys state two working days they've been known to arrive sooner. They do have a habit of being hidden in sheds, recycling bins, etc. occasionally, so please check around the house before getting in touch if your order hasn't arrived and it's showing as delivered. Please also give us a chance to deliver within the shipping window we've given you. The tracking number provided will only work once delivery has been attempted. Strange we know. 

Will this fit your particular variant of van?

Yes, we whole heartedly believe so, between this rail and the other two we should have you covered for every eventuality. If you're not sure- grab a tape measure and check your van. We also have a raised version of this rail and also a 'multirail.' Feel free to check those adverts and our other products for adventures on the road if you get a chance too.