Life on the road ain’t long-hair and loose plan no-more. It's not 'adventure-before-dementia' either. It’s for the ones who’ve smelt the roses and don’t swallow the evening news. It's anything but luxurious. It's less camper-van and more road-trip, It's packing lightweight and taking less. It's drawing a cross on the map, yet not being adverse to a detour. 

It's a means of escape, to access the far flung corners while not forgetting the journey there. The bunch who's pulling their chairs up to this feast are an inspired breed, and STITCHES + STEEL is inspired by that.

In short, what is this whole gambit about? It's both a real and a romantic relationship with the road and the adventures you'll find there-in; it's a relationship that runs deep.

We've created classic go-to pieces that won't become obsolete with the seasons.
With a keen eye on functionality and a fine regard to detail our timeless designs aren't dictated by trend.
This is gear that will be with you the longest; the longer it's yours, the more attached you'll become.
We travel light, and we travel considered. And with that we'll go further... In all senses.