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Zoe Morton @ ZM Jewellery.

Posted by Oliver Grogan on

We were lucky enough to have Zoe get in touch about getting a few S+S goodies sorted for her cool little Volkswagen T4. 

Zoe has been busy converting the van with her Dad for the last little while with the intention to take it on some pretty serious missions.

We feel lucky to have such interesting creatives part of our community. When Zoe stopped by to pick up her order we discussed life on the road, alternative living and future road trips.

If you're ever in the area, drop us a message and we can put the kettle on. Its always inspiring to meet like minded van-lifers. 

If you find yourself in London check out Zoe's beautiful little shop in Hackney. Also give her a follow on instagram @ZMjewellery. She's got some cool trips lined up, the one to the Faeroe Islands sounding particularly wild. 


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