The ‘Beast from the East’ got us reminiscing.

Posted by Oliver Grogan on

This might not be news to you but S+S conducts its business from some of the most Easterly coordinates in the United Kingdom. 

We keep our eye on the charts more than most folk out our way but nothing prepared us for the severity of this storm and how it’s effected our usual calm and tranquil shore. We’ve truly copped this storm on the head being the first landfall its hit. I’m sat here acquiring cabin fever, at home for the second day in a row due to the chest high spin drift gathered on the road outside. Incredible really.

Sifting through the dropbox trying to find a few photos for a project lead me eventually to a folder named ‘Scotland’ today.

It seems only fitting to reflect and look back at that folder as the timing of the trip was literally this week, three years ago. The climate and content hitting sensory nerves enough to share that folder here. 

That trip was born out of needing imagery for the first run of S+S products. Most still in production in some from or another today. 

Yes, four blokes sleeping in that van for seven nights straight in figures well below zero.







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