New Trade Accounts = New Machine.

New Trade Accounts = New Machine.

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We've been busy putting together this content smashing, mile crushing, stealth bomber of a van.

The van is something we've been working on for a while. It is this culmination of Gucci brands that we have been working alongside to release our interpretation of the ultimate contemporary moving space.
This gothic looking bus has practicality, usability and function drilled into its DNA. The drive train, its purposeful stance and its dual use conversion all put together to move quickly, efficiency and with less. The idea being to experience more.

We've had numerous vechals with numerous different configurations of suspension in the past. The reason usually being in the pursuit of lowering and 'stance'.
To cut a long story short the only genuine improvement you can do to the ride and height of your setup is fit it with Bilstein suspension.

We're fortunate enough to have had a plethora of suspension setups on numerous Volkswagen T5 + T6 vans we have in the past. From Budget coilovers, cheap airride set ups, expensive airride setups and then there is the Bilstein B14 coilovers.

Bilstein, being OE manufacturers for the majority of German car brands more expensive and luxury models. BMW 3 series and up, the majority of Mercedes and Porsche. The brand, its product and history doesn't need much introduction.

The B14 coilover is an adjustable setup which doesn't deteriorate with the height you choose to adjust them too. The setup can be wound low for a more purposeful stance while maintaining everyday usability like our demo van in the photos.

The setup is superior is so many ways compared to standard shocks, air ride or budget coilovers.
The B14 fits all variants of the T5, T5.1 and T6. t26 through to t32.
Fitting is relatively simple too.


We've always been on the hunt for the ultimate van roof box and as we're on the verge of launching our own roof bar setup we reached out and worked with the leaders in their field Thule who need no introduction.

The Thule Ocean 600 we reckon, as far as the size, features, shape and affordability make it superior to every other top box out there. Especially for our purposes.

We have searched high and low to find the best fitting, most durable, smartest and best priced box specifically for the VW T5 + T6 platform.
The boxes fit perfectly onto our own S+S roof bar set up which has been designed for an awning rail to be fitted underneath too. The beauty of the boxes is they provide vast storage yet also allow for kayaks, Surfboards, Sup boards, bikes etc to be mounted too if fastened in the asymmetric setup we have in the photos of our demo van suiting van life perfectly while also being able to access the box from the sliding door step.

We have installed one of our conversions featuring the insulated '+' panels, the carbon bunk, the kombi conversion, and all the other canvas upgrades from floor mats to seat covers.

The van has the blue-motion drive chain, 6 speed manual, cruise control and many other luxuries were not very used too all making it a rather nice place to be for extended periods of time and proper road trips.

In the mean time, as spring doesn't appear to be showing up its probably for the best we take this thing for a test drive to the alps in an attempt to walk to the same beat as this never ending winter. We've packed it full of products and supplies, filled up the tank and drawn a X on the map somewhere near the snow fringed mountains of the Alps. Forth goes the road!

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