Big Spring Beach Clean....with SAS and friends

Surfers against sewage made a big push this April for the #bigspringbeachclean, one of the largest volunteer beach cleaning projects within the UK. So, it seemed only right that we rallied the troops and joined in with the other 500+ cleans going on this weekend, all in a bid to clean our shores for the summer. 

For Stitches + Steel, and many of the other businesses surrounding us, Mersea Island is home. Working alongside familiar faces is always fun especially for such good cause, and so, on Sunday we were excited to get together and do our bit for our coastline. The turn out was impressive. A lot more than we expected, running out of bin bags, litter picks, bin hoops and a queue at the tea station. 

We reminded locals along with the blow-ins, that the island is 12 miles in circumference and encouraged them to roam freely in a bid to collect litter. 

Two hours later and another round of coffees sank, we were still far from done. We'll never be finished with the never ending task however, the collection of bin bags was a testament to the effort put in by our crack team of litter collectors. 

From TVs to car parts, nappies to toilet seats, we saw it all. A huge thank you goes out to those who helped with this round of picking, we quite honestly couldn't have collected what we did without you. For future beach cleans and SAS news stay tuned... Oli + Tor

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