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Who we are..........

Stitches and steel stands for travel, fresh ideas and the drive to accomplish things creatively.

Travelling keeps you feeling alive, your senses alert and the ongoing expectation for something new. Constantly adjusting to new situations, new people, new cultures, and new environments. Less to rely on, and more to discover. learning not just new things, but also about yourself.

It started with hunting waves, clean, empty waves. It was a similar story during the winter, a hunger to find pure, empty, perfection, not forgetting to enjoy the journey there.

We needed products designed for the harsh environments we were forever finding ourselves in. We needed accessories that were simple, designed well but most importantly worked.

Inspiration came from the industries who design product for the cruelest environments; The Nautical industry provided it in quantity, the further we delved in, the more it opened our minds to the way things could and should be done.

Open ocean, driving sea spray, icey temperatures and winds at the high end of the beaufort scale. The elements at their most corrosive dictated our DNA.

We sourced canvas from the best sources in the Marine industry and had it sewn together with the very machines and skilled hands that sew together sails for round the world yacht races and Olympic dinghy fleets. After testing carbon fibre from countless factories we settled for a grade which is more commonly purposed to the aviation industry. The ropes are from Maffioli, more at home being used as climbing life lines. Our hardware.... all Marine grade A6 stainless.

We've searched high and low to find the right people to work with, who share the same values as us. We'll continue to build relationships with the people that matter and we'll continue to build innovative products that last. All whilst keeping a watchful eye on the environment, insuring our products have the least possible impact.

We hatched a plan, built some bunks and set the compass north, heading as far as the land would let us go, when we ran out of land we got on a boat...and went even further. 

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