Bawdsey Inflatable Tent
Bawdsey Inflatable Tent
Bawdsey Inflatable Tent
Bawdsey Inflatable Tent
Bawdsey Inflatable Tent

Bawdsey Inflatable Tent


The Bawdesy range is the personification of travelling light, considered, and taking a whole lot less. This journey has been an exciting one for us in that sense. The DNA, conception and inspiration for the products is born from of our love and relationship with the sea and the products we use on it. 

It was the flogging and abuse we put our own kite surf kites through; Gusts at the high ends of the Beaufort scale, driving rain, freezing temperatures, the most corrosive elements turned up to eleven, all eventually dictated the physical appearance and components of our Bawdsey Range, to be brutally purposeful. We liked that.

We didn't think twice about straying from the 'C' shape itself. Having remained unchanged within kite surf- kite design since its inception, it's proven and works.

Aesthetically and structurally we worked hard on the fit and scale while not straying too far from the hymn sheet of a 'Kite surf kite on a van'. A very real and romantic relationship for us. 

The awnings feature, kite surf valves, kite surf bridle lines, kite surf bladders, kite surf bags and are sold with kite surf pumps and rip stop repair kits. We've borrowed the best bits and made them fit for what we need them for.

Dual chamber pumps for rapid inflation along with 'self standing' characteristics for those strike missions when shelter is a must but the campsite isn't an option.

Threading into the Kador /Bolt rope and inflation is a sub- minute affair for the well acquainted- an essential part of the puzzle for us.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we have enjoyed bringing this project to life. We've worked hard to make them 'universal' and are yet to come across a vehicle you cant fit or 'jury rig' them to.


Bawdsey Inflatable Tent
Light and robust, one strut design, ensuring the best stability and structure. Two clear panel windows on the front face enable

Stitches + Steel Kite Pump
Double bellow black pump, pressure gauge and pump hose. A few strokes, and you'll be standing




Awning Rails (Universal, Raised, Multirail)

The awnings are made to fit our own awning rail extrusions. They are designed to work in harmony with the bolt rope (sailing term) or Kador strip (camping term) on the awning.

The awnings are designed to be pulled into three of the sections assembled together end on end. When combined, end on end they are the same length as the awning is wide (2640mm).

The rails are designed to be glued, stuck, bolted of screwed onto the vehicle depending on the application. Please acquaint yourself with the rail and installation guide on a Volkswagen T5 along with the FAQs below.

The rails are de-burred during our finishing process however, we will not be able to accept returns for bolt ropes ripped or torn while being fitted and rigged on to the awning rail. Please be mindful and careful while pulling the awnings into the track. If you feel the bolt rope pulling out, or snagging on the track please retreat and re-adjust- We'd suggest you don't pull harder. 


  • Outer Layer:
  • Ground Area:
  • Overall Height:
  • Overall Width:
  • Bolt Rope Length:
  • Bolt Rope Diameter:
  • Pack Size:
  • Pack Weight:
  • Included: Pegs, Repair Kit, Guy Lines, S+S Kite Pump