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The New Van.

Posted by Oliver Grogan on

Who would have thought. Us grubs at S+S with a damn shiny van. Oh how times have changed. 

I must clear up the fact that this hasn't arrived off the back of a fruitful winter selling product that's for sure. Or the fact that we were tired of our old one. More the fact that we'd be foolish to pass up an opportunity such as this one.

The opportunity came about from a tip off from an old friend in the Skate/Surf/Snow industry. We actually missed out on this very opportunity two years ago however, this time around we were slightly more prepped and much more hasty.

Said company have a fleet of Volkswagen vans which they clear out every two years. The very thoughtful gent at the helm of this company would rather they went back into the industry after their two year ownership instead of back to Volkswagen. Quite simple, very thoughtful and something we were quite keen to take him up on. 

When offered the opportunity we didn't know much about the van. We knew it was black, LWB, a Bluemotion and not to piss him about. All suited us well however, after we bought it blind, it was only seeing it on collection day that we realised quite what we had bought.

The van was in fact a Kombi, kinda cool we thought, the fun bus... Awesome. What we hadn't appreciated is that the van was also in fact a 'Highline'. The top spec baller model! Alloy wheels, satnav, electric folding mirrors, heated windscreen, air-con, captain chairs with armrests, digital radio, handsfree, cruise control, leather steering wheel… The list goes on.

So, after rapidly advertising and selling both of our other vans to fund the purchase we are now left with a rather nice wagon. Far too nice for us, and still somewhat of a shock to the system. 

We have installed one of our shiny new conversions in a rather stealthy matt black and apart from that we are too scared to do anything else to it. Luxury adventure wagon indeed. 



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