Van Lining Panels
Van Lining Panels
Van Lining Panels
Van Lining Panels

Van Lining Panels


Our van lining panels are a less-is-more look at how to best utilise the space while keeping these little moving rooms bright and useable. 

We've could never quite get our heads around dark, hairy walls and hairy rooms in general (traditional van lining) so we set off on this journey. 

These panels we cut using a CNC machine. They are a direct fit for the Volkswagen Transporter. We've worked hard on the fit and have deliberately made them to work for as many variants as possible with the configuration of files we've built. 

*All kits come with the all the push tabs for fitting you'll need for install.

We'd love to be able to do custom work however while we launch the kits we'll be sticking to the SWB and LWB kits as 'full kits' No 'specific panel requests please'.
We don't offer insulation here on the site however we use the thinner, self adhesive foil backed stuff that can be found readily if you did want our two cent's. There is also plenty of room to wedge fibre glass style insulation behind them too.


Option: VW T5/ T6 (not 6.1) SWB Panel van (Store Dore included in the kit)
Option: Barndoor Kit 
Option: Door Store Only 

Please be mindful that these kits are made to order, we kindly ask for 30 days to make and deliver them to you. If this timeframe isn't to your liking we'd Kindly ask for you to refrain from pulling the trigger or just send an email asking for us to attempt to speed this process up.