The S+S Multirail
The S+S Multirail
The S+S Multirail
The S+S Multirail
The S+S Multirail
The S+S Multirail

The S+S Multirail


Our own design, our own fit and made to work with not only with our products but also a whole host of others too. Probably the most versatile VW T4/ T5/ T6 and campervan awning rail on the market, the S+S Multi-Rail is multi-purpose. Also providing a gutter for your van to disperse rainwater easily. You can fit a canopy or awning to the gutter using a pole and clamps and there is also a second channel for fitting your awning directly if it has a Kador or bolt rope like our own B1 awning. Strong and light this awning rail is made from anodised aluminium meaning no rust and perfect for painting or powder coating should you wish to colour match. KIT
Multirail x1
We make two different rails, both identical, the only difference being the length. The are supplied in two sizes, 2600mm or 2980mm long (2690mm or 3070mm with end caps fitted) and are perfect for all S+S awnings whether you purchase long or short.
All our side mounted awnings measure 2450mm and when paired with the multirail can be fitted to LWB, SWB, LHD and RHD drive vans as the end caps are identical yet 'handed.' The "C" section of the rail measures 9.5mm but the jaws of the C section measure 5mm. This means that the rail accepts awnings with a bolt rope or Kador strip size of anything from about 5.5mm to 9.5 mm. End Caps x2 Made from high pressure, plastic injection moulding and designed specifically for our S + S multirail. These measure 45mm long and fit easily into each end of the rail with additional sikaflex.
Zinc Plated Screws x14
Included for fitting however, you will need some form of sealant for bonding it to the van. (For reference, we have used Sikaflex on our van, however any marine grade sealant will work well).
Rail Dimensions, Option 2.6m
260cm (L), 3.5cm (W) Excluding End Caps; 2.69m (L), 3.5cm (W) Including End Caps.
Rail Dimensions, Option 2.98m
298cm (L), 3.5cm (W) Excluding End Caps; 3.07m (L), 3.5cm (W) Including End Caps.
We take care when packing the rails and supply them in a long cardboard tube with end caps. Whilst we've yet to have one damaged in transit, please sign for the rails 'unchecked' as we can't accept responsibility if signed for and they are damaged.
Need fitting instructions for your new Multirail? Simply click on the link below. - Campervan- Multirail