Road Trip Rucksack
Road Trip Rucksack
Road Trip Rucksack
Road Trip Rucksack

Road Trip Rucksack


Road Trip resistant, well... life resistant really. We longed for less but more in the fundamental sense. More space, more of what we needed. generally less. We wanted a pack that was simple and damn water resistant with pretty much less of everything else. We wanted the core idea to breathe. 

Less buckles, less trinkets, less compartments, less of everything. We wanted lightweight, hardy and waterproof, what we got was the Road-Trip Rucksack.

Travel Light, Go further. We started with a heavy duty PVC duffel, We clad that in a hardy cloth as we wanted it to survive the resistance and abrasion associated with the rigours of the road. A front pocket was added for those easy to reach items and then we stopped. Done.

Hardy, waterproof and simple. Small pack-away dimensions, yet mighty overall capacity. 

At home on the commute, the boat and on the road. Smart, honest, simple. 

  • Ergonomic foam back panel and shoulder straps
  • Fits most 17" laptops
  • flap closure
  • Separate compartment with sleeve, and organiser pockets
  • 30L size
  • Waterproof welded construction with roll top closure.