Traditionally we don't go on sale. Free this-n-that, percentage off's all over the place, buy X + Y and choose a free Z. Nah. It doesn't sound nice or sit all that well. Not to mention being somewhat counter intuitive to our small, independent business. 

If you want S+S, as you know there's only place that sells it. No middle men, no excessive margin, no need for that! We make it, we sell it, we send it. All that saving is passed directly onto you, the S+S family. 

That said we've had a good look at our absolute favourites and yours too. What we've deduced and compiled here are some trends that have stood the test of time, creating the best basket full of essentials. 

From the guy who's just been handed the keys to the lords who take their adventures and daily life on the road a bit more seriously. 

Like a damn fine greasy spoon cafe, 'no swaps here love,' and for good reason. We've worked hard on these bundles which should work out well for you. If our interpretation of your essential bundle (or breakfast) isn't your's that's fine, variety is the spice of life and you're still welcome to use the shop and it's menu as usual. In the meantime, get amongst it, there's some killer savings to be had.