Stitches + Steel Sticker Pack

Stitches + Steel Sticker Pack


S+S mixed vinyl sticker pack, UV resistant, free shipping within the UK

Sticker 1 'STITCHES + STEEL' Decal x4 (2 x Black/ 2 x White)
15mm x 200mm

Sticker 2 'STITCHES + STEEL' Sticker x2 (Black/ White)
18mm x 140mm 

Sticker 3 'From the mountains, to the sea' x2 (Black/ White)
35mm x 150mm

Sticker 4 'Coordinates Badge' x2 (Black/ White)
50mm x 100mm

Sticker 5 'Stitches + Steel Diamond' x2 (Black/ White)
100mm x 150mm

Sticker 6 'S+S Plus' x1
100mm x 100mm