S+S Tarp Awning
S+S Tarp Awning
S+S Tarp Awning
S+S Tarp Awning
S+S Tarp Awning
S+S Tarp Awning
S+S Tarp Awning

S+S Tarp Awning

The Tarp was a fun one for us. Shelter isn't essential but it does enhance the atmosphere, not forgoing the morale of a camp setup.

The Tarp was conceived on the grounds of no two spots being the same, and the same was to be said for the vehicles used to get us there. With that in mind, we strove for a big, adaptable canvas that was not only big enough to share but also allowed us to get creative.

Flexibility is key, especially when being conscious to save space and pack light, the outcome was a product that has numerous configurations and endless possibilities. The tarp can be fitted to SWB and LWB vans, and an almost endless list of other applications when using our awning rails.

The Tarp can also be rigged, tied, pulled, staked or lashed to just about anything, we've added sailing inspired 'cleat adjusters' along with 'rigging pockets' to help with adjustment. The very essence of 'travel light'. A no brainer to throw into the van or have stashed under the seat for that unexpected occasion.

Option: S+S Tarp Only
Including S+S Tarp, Stuff Sack, 4 Pegs and Peg Bag

Option: 2/ 4 Alloy Poles
Kit Includes S+S Tarp, Stuff Sack, 2/4 Alloy Poles, 4 Pegs and Peg Bag.

Option: 2/4 Carbon Poles
Kit Includes S+S Tarp, Stuff Sack, 2/4 Carbon Poles, 4 Pegs and Peg Bag.

  • Bolt Rope Length: 2450mm
  • Bolt Rope Diamter: 8mm
  • Overall Width: 3650mm
  • Overall Length: 4000mm
  • Material: 210T Ripstop Polyester
Awning Rails (Universal, Raised, Multirail)
The awnings are made to fit our own awning rail extrusions. They are designed to work in harmony with the 'Bolt Rope' (sailing term), or 'Kador Strip' (camping term) on the awning. The awnings are designed to be pulled into three of the 'Universal Awning Rail Sections' assembled together end to end. When combined, they are the same length as the awning is wide, our 'Raised Awning Rail' as well as our 'Multirail'.

The rails are designed to be glued, stuck, bolted or screwed onto the vehicle depending on the location. Please acquaint yourself with the rail and installation guide on a Volkswagen T5 along with the our Awning Rail FAQ's. The rails are deburred during our finishing process however, we will not be able to accept returns for bolt ropes ripped or torn while being fitted and rigged on to the awning rail.

Please be mindful and careful while pulling the awnings into the track. If you feel the bolt rope pulling out, or snagging on the track please retreat and adjust- we'd suggest you don't pull harder.