Go Faster Plaster
Go Faster Plaster
Go Faster Plaster
Go Faster Plaster

Go Faster Plaster

'They go faster when they're all dinged up anyway' - someone said once... Apparently.
Having a van with a few dents and battle scars comes with the territory and while the time of impact hurts, A lot, We have to remember, worse things happen at sea. It's a character building journey and one that should be relished. Tis' only a scratch!
Anyway... In the event of such eventualities we've tried to make this journey a little easier for you. Say hello to the 'Go Faster Plaster'.
Although slightly tongue in cheek in their appearance there's actually practicality at their heart. We've beefed up the thickness and made them from a water and UV resistant material preventing the ingress of dirt, grit and water from entering into the open wounds and cracks in the paint.
These plasters will help preserve and look after said metal 'til you get round to getting a permanent fix sorted...probably won't? Us neither...Either way, these chunky UV and water resistant band aids are a short (probably long) term solution for your van dents, dings and scratches preventing the bad becoming worse- Damage control at its finest.
We supply them in packs of six and throw a few extra stickers in while we're at it.
Go Faster Plasters x8
4 Black and 4 Nude Plasters

  • Go Faster Plaster: **mm (L), **mm (W) x 6
  • GB Sticker: **mm (L), **mm (W) x 2
  • All UV resistant and waterproof