VW T5/ T6 Transporter Seat Cover
VW T5/ T6 Transporter Seat Cover
VW T5/ T6 Transporter Seat Cover
VW T5/ T6 Transporter Seat Cover

VW T5/ T6 Transporter Seat Cover

This latest version of the tailored Volkswagen T5 + T6 cover has been an arduous journey for us. After many minor revisions year on year we think this incarnation won't see us changing anything for a long time to come.

Highly Water resistant, great moisture wicking properties, hard to stain and easy to wipe clean, with quick drying time. The fabric is a durable yet soft and has a purposeful yet considered OEM nature.

The covers have a vast array of batten tabs, zips, hooks and elastic cords designed to pull, grab and tailor the covers into the factory seats in a way that is hard to describe without fitting a set yourself.

The 'blast seams' in the single seat cover are compatible with Drivers Captain, Side Seat airbags, allowing them to work should the worst happen.

Please note, the covers are not asymmetric and will therefore not be compatible with a Captains Passenger Side Seat, airbag.

Please select your preferred combination at the checkout: Single, Double, Kombi, Seat Cover Set: Single + Double, Seat Cover Set: 2 x Single

The single is a captain chair setup. Kit includes two armrests, headrest along with the seat cover itself.

The double is deigned to fit the bench upfront and not the Kombi rears. This kit includes two headrests the seat back and a separate base.

*The headrest and seat shape was changed sometime in 2007 - 2008. This set is tailored for post '08 vans however with a bit of 'finessing' the covers do work and fit- arguably too well, on the earlier vans. Probably not worth addressing as the changes are so minimal, just a very minor 'heads-up.'

Designed for a triple bench seat, this cover is not compatible with a Rear 2 + 1 set up.