Beaufort Scale Windbreak
Beaufort Scale Windbreak
Beaufort Scale Windbreak
Beaufort Scale Windbreak

Beaufort Scale Windbreak

The Beaufort scale windbreak has had a minor change to the recipe. Same dimensions, same less-is-more mantra, same stealthy appearance however, we've changed up the material for a for a beefier, stronger and more durable yarn which is designed to not only sustain the rigours of the breeze but also the associated abuse it will receive while being rolled, unrolled, surviving the daily-abuse associated with being stored in the back of van and the breeze. 

The material is a very strong monofilament yarn which has been woven together to produce a durable, cloth-like material. It is lightweight, strong, waterproof and windproof, the perfect choice for a storm force wind-stopper.

The windbreak comes with hand sanded, wooden poles, guy lines, a few pegs and a bag.

Option: 3/5 Pole Windbreak
Features exceptional burst and tear strength, allowing it to be used in higher wind ranges, Water Repellency, Unparalleled Strength Efficiency, and weight.

Option: 3/5 Wooden Poles
Hand sanded beech poles

1 x Storage Bag

2 x Pegs

1 x Guy Lines Set 
Consisting of 1 pair of Guy Lines. 

  • 3 Pole Windbreak: 90cm (H), 280m (W)
  • 5 Pole Windbreak: 90cm (H), 570 (W)
  • Wooden Pole: 120cm (H), 2cm (W)
  • Packed Dimension: 135cm (L), 22cm (W)